Line Pipe

Line Pipe

United Steel’s Line Pipe

At United steel, we process and supply Line Pipe to industries across the Australian market. We offer a wide range of steel products and partner with quality Steel Line Pipe manufacturers, making us ideally positioned to meet your project requirements.

Our customers vary in industry, working in the civil and infrastructure, mining, and renewable energy fields. We stock, supply, and deliver the right Line Pipe product for each customer’s unique needs.

The right Line Pipe for your needs

We stock and distribute a large range of Line Pipe, and can also source other options where needed.

NOTE: Line Pipe may not be available at some sites.

Line Pipe processing capability to support your projects


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Mining, oil and gas
  • Pipeline projects

Utilising the latest processing capabilities, United Steel offers a wide range of steel processing services across our product portfolio and with our Line Pipe range, the United Steel team can help service your project with a full suite of steel products.

Our Line Pipe products are supplied to exacting quality and safety standards, helping to reduce the burden of project compliance.

Steel Line Pipe Supplied by United Steel

Line Pipe is commonly used in applications where materials need to be pumped and transported. These include water systems, gas pipelines, and oil pumping systems. At United Steel, we strive to meet various project requirements, providing a wide range of Line Pipe products, and associated fittings.

Types of Line Pipe

There are two forms of Line Pipe available: seamless pipe, and ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) pipe.

Seamless Pipe:

This form of Line Pipe is manufactured by heating a solid bar or steel billet, and piercing a hole through the centre to create a pipe with a specific diameter and wall thickness. The seamless manufacturing process results in a pipe without any welds or seams. Thanks to this, it can withstand high pressures and corrosive environments with reduced potential weakness.

Electric Resistance Welded Pipe:

EWR begins with a flat steel product that is then rolled into a pipe section, with the seam formed by applying electric current through the product. These pipes are known for having a high level of accuracy in the manufacturing process, and boast impressive impact resistance. They are used in various industries, including construction, and also in emerging sectors, like solar tracking in renewable energy projects.

Line Pipe Products Catalogue – United Steel

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