Distributors and stockists of:

  • Structural Steel including:
    • Universal Beams & Columns,
    • Welded Beams & Columns,
    • Parallel Flange Channels,
    • Structural Angles
  • Merchant Bar including:
    • Flat Bars, Rounds, Squares, Equal & Unequal Angles
  • Steel Pipe and Tube including:
    • RHS – Rectangular Hollow Sections,
    • SHS – Square Hollow Sections,
    • CHS – Circular Hollow Sections
  • Line Pipe
  • Steel Plate
  • Steel Sheet including:
    • Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled, Galvanised, Zinc-Coated, and Painted
  • Building Products
  • Reinforcing Steel


Processing expertise:

  • We employ the most stringent quality standards in the processing of our steel products.
  • Our steel processing capabilities cover a wide range of products, including structural steel, flat bar, angle, tubular, and steel plate products.
  • Our processing equipment includes:
    • Oxy profile cutters
    • Bandsaws
    • Beamlines with high-speed drilling & saw capacity
    • Coping Robots with plasma notching & slotting capabilities
    • Cambering machine
    • Steel Sheet Processing
    • ES Cut Grooving


Service Capability:​

  • Extensive footprint of distribution sites in:
    • Adelaide,
    • Perth,
    • Sydney,
    • Kalgoorlie,
    • Tasmania, and
    • Melbourne with GAM Steel.
  • Our depth and range of steel products with our strong supplier network means we are well placed to meet your specific needs.
  • A fleet of company trucks.
  • Experience fast and flexible access to products and a level of responsiveness that is second to none.
  • Metro next-day delivery service
  • All United Steel products are supplied to exacting quality and safety standards.
  • We work to source the entire package you need and deliver it in an efficient manner to your specific job and/or project requirements.

Our Capability Statement

United Steel Capability Statement 2024

Important Notice and Disclaimer:
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