High Quality Steel Pipes & Steel Tubes

High Quality Steel Pipes & Steel Tubes

Steel Pipe & Tube available from United Steel

United Steel supplies and processes Steel Pipe and Tube products in the Australian market. Our depth and range of steel products with our strong supplier network means we are well placed to meet your needs.

We are proud to stock, supply, and deliver RHS – Rectangular Hollow Sections, SHS – Square Hollow Sections, and CHS – Circular Hollow Sections to our customers working in the civil and infrastructure, residential and non-residential building, general fabrication, and manufacturing, mining, and renewable energy industries.

The right pipe and tube product when and how you need it

We stock the full range of:

  • RHS – Rectangular Hollow Sections
  • SHS – Square Hollow Sections
  • CHS – Circular Hollow Sections

The tubular products we supply meet the minimum requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1163 2009.

We are a distributor of Liberty / Infrabuild / Austube Mills tubular products and also source other options. Chances are that whatever your business and/or project requirements are – United Steel will have it, contact us and we’ll keep your business running smoothly and on time every time. 

Tubular processing capability to support your projects


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Residential & Non-residential building
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport and Manufacturing

The United Steel sales team utilises the latest processing capabilities to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste for your projects.

To reduce your burden of project compliance, all United Steel tubular products are supplied to exacting quality and safety standards.

Steel Pipe & Tube supplied by United Steel


United Steel offers a comprehensive range of steel pipe and tube options, including RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections), CHS (Circular Hollow Sections), and SHS (Square Hollow Sections). These products are available in various finishes, such as painted and primed, hot-dipped galvanized, DuraGal®, DuraPrimed®, DuraGal CLEAR®, ALLGAL®, SMARTCOTE®, black, or oiled.

We provide a wide selection of steel pipe and tube options to meet the specific requirements of each project, including grades C250L0, C350L0, and C450L0. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in determining the best product options, including size, finish, and grade.

Fire Pipe

Fire pipe products are specifically designed for pressure reticulation in fire systems within commercial and industrial buildings. At United Steel, we ensure that our fire pipe products are sourced from top-quality steel manufacturers, adhering to specific safety standards. Our fire pipe products are certified to the ActivFire® scheme, managed by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

The ActivFire® scheme evaluates and pre-qualifies products for fire protection systems, and all CSIRO-evaluated products are listed on the Register of Fire Protection Equipment. Fire pipe products are commonly identified by their distinctive red paint finish, but they are also available in a galvanized finish. These products are easy to weld and paint, and they are used in closed pipework systems. They are typically suitable for roll groove and threaded jointing products. Please discuss your requirements with the United Steel team. We can supply you with ORRFIRE® pipe products manufactured by Orrcon Steel.

Steel Pipe & Tube Products Catalogue – United Steel

United Steel - Steel Pipe & Tube

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Our Steel Pipe & Tube products are available in a range of sizes and meet the relevant Australian Standards. Please contact us with all your Steel Pipe & Tube requirements.