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TSS Engineering partners with United Steel on Iconic Design

World-class fabrication, welding, and construction service provider Total Steel Solutions (TSS) Engineering has trusted United Steel to supply products for an elaborate steelworks design in the Rozelle Interchange project.

TSS Engineering has an impressive project record, dotted with big-name clients in civil infrastructure and government. Originating in the early 2000s, the directors consolidated their expertise and established TSS Engineering in 2017. Since then, the company has further expanded its team, expertise, facilities, equipment and accreditations.

Today, TSS Engineering design and fabricate reliable, high quality engineering products and components to meet the highest standards and specifications. They offer a complete design, manufacture, construction and commissioning service, able to answer the call where higher production capabilities are needed.

Rozelle Interchange – big city road infrastructure

Part of the broader WestConnex motorway scheme, the Rozelle Interchange is a major NSW infrastructure initiative, connecting major Sydney arterials and improving traffic flow for the community.

TSS Engineering was engaged to fabricate, assemble and construct the stunning architectural steelwork, which wrapped and connected three ventilation stacks within the project. Located in one of Sydney’s most prominent arterial junctions, quality steel products were required to bring the complex structure to life and stand the test of time. And with Sydney’s population at around 5.5 million, this structure will catch the attention of endless passing motorists for years to come.

A Quality, Reliable Solution

TSS Engineering’s partners are key to their delivery of successful, quality projects. A long-time TSS Engineering supplier, United Steel supplies a variety of products from tubular steel including pipe, rectangular and square hollow sections, merchant bar, including angles and flats, through to structural steel including channels and universal beams.

United Steel’s expert teams have also supplied some of Australia’s largest, most recognisable construction and infrastructure projects, backed by distributor agreements with prominent Australian steel mills. United Steel were an ideal partner for the Rozelle Interchange project.

“United Steel provide consistent and competitive project pricing, flexible and tailored lead times, and prompt customer service. The United Steel team help us to secure new project work, by supporting us with services like the nesting of steel products for projects requiring complex steel processing and fabrication,” said Andrew Ha, Operations Manager TSS Engineering.

“The quality, traceability and compliance of all steel products is vital and one of the key drivers to successful project outcomes,” he said. His company’s Management Data Reporting System underpins this, “We reported on all aspects of quality – an important and critical requirement for this Rozelle Interchange government project.”

A Complex and Interconnected Construction Task

This spectacular design demanded an exacting construction effort.

“The steelworks that surround and connect the three vent stacks required complex fabrication to join 60 metres of steelworks, an even more sophisticated installation method at altering heights,” said Michael Shim, General Manager TSS Engineering. “Each stack is around 30 metres high, with a series of vertical beams on each and two bridge structures connecting the stacks.”

The fabricated structure comprised 108 pieces of vertical beams, 875 pieces of horizontal beams and 103 pieces of steel tube, all interlocking to create one continuous structure close to one kilometre in length. A whopping 31 flights of spiral staircases were created, along with 229 live plants and 286 architectural cladding panels, assembled using 450 anchors and 22,000 bolts.

Precision and alignment were crucial, explained Michael: “If the first piece is misaligned, then there could be a domino effect causing the entire structure to be incorrectly coordinated. To reduce the risk of misalignment and discrepancies, we set up a temporary structure at our workshop and used it to precisely coordinate all critical parts in fabrication along the steel.”

“Once the project’s unique design sections were welded together, they were connected and checked prior to site delivery to eliminate craneage and connection issues,” said Pernell Briggs, Business Development Manager for United Steel.

Ultimately, all steel pieces delivered to site were within allowable tolerances and did not require any on-site modification.

Safety – the highest common denominator

United Steel supported TSS Engineering’s duty to provide safe, sustainable, and consistent service outcomes throughout the Rozelle Interchange project, a commitment central to the TSS Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety Management System (QEHS).

Keeping project teams and supplier partners safe was paramount throughout all project stages, particularly while working at heights with heavy products during the installation phase.

TSS Engineering designed and manufactured a bespoke lifting jig to assist with installation. The specially developed lifting method used a frame able to support the entire weight of the steel during lifting. This substantially reduced the risk of heavy lifting activity, leading to an enviable result of zero safety incidents at project completion.

United Steel played its part to ensure site deliveries aligned with specific site delivery requirements at nominated times, within a busy corridor “With the project located in a high-profile, high traffic location linking Sydney’s inner west with the CBD, working in and around existing congestion was key for United Steel and other key supply partners supporting TSS Engineering,” said Pernell.

Successful connections.

The unique interconnections of this structure were echoed in the collaboration that underpinned its success. “The teamwork I experienced on this project was the best I have seen so far,” reflected Michael. “I believe having good teamwork between all parties involved – like we had on this project. All challenges will have solutions and they will be the key to a successful outcome.”

TSS Engineering is squarely focused on growth and agility in the competitive and evolving New South Wales market, backed by their high-quality fabrication capabilities, innovative services, and determination to exceed client project expectations.

“United Steel is proud to have contributed to the success of this dynamic, landscape-changing project for TSS Engineering, enabling them to meet all the expectations of their clients John Holland + CPB Contractors Joint Venture,” said Pernell. “Our formidable experience has set us up as the best steel supply and management partner for future client projects – they can trust us to provide complete steel supply chain solutions for their unique needs.”

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