Trusted Structural Steel Supplier

Trusted Structural Steel Supplier

United Steel’s Structural Steel Products

United Steel supplies and processes Structural Steel Products to the Australian market. Our depth and range of steel products with our strong supplier network means we are well placed to meet your needs.

We proudly stock, supply, and deliver structural steel beams, columns, and channels to our customers working in civil and infrastructure projects, residential and non-residential building, general fabrication and manufacturing, mining, and renewable energy industries.

Comprehensive Inventory of Structural Steel Products

With United Steel our customers can source structural steel products that meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 3679.1:2010’s minimum requirements.

We stock a comprehensive range of:

As a distributor of Liberty / Infrabuild Structural Steel and a reliable source of alternative options, United Steel is well-equipped to meet your business and project needs. Contact us, and we’ll ensure your operations run smoothly and remain on schedule, every time.

Enhanced Structural Steel Processing Capabilities for Diverse Applications

United Steel takes pride in our enhanced structural processing capabilities, tailored to a wide spectrum of applications. Whatever your project, we’re committed to delivering steel products that meet your unique requirements with unmatched quality and reliability.

Our network can provide processing services including oxy profile cutting, bandsaws, beamlines with drilling & saw cutting, coping Robots with plasma notching & slotting capabilities, beam cambering, steel sheet and coil processing and ES Cut Grooving.


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Residential & Non-residential building
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport and Manufacturing

Quality Structural Steel Products supplied by United Steel

Universal Beams and Universal Columns

United Steel’s extensive network of sites houses a vast inventory of structural steel products, including universal beams (UBs) and universal columns (UCs), essential for construction applications. With in-house processing capabilities like precise cut-to-length, drilling, and more, we ensure your structural needs are met. Universal columns, often referred to as “H” beams due to their shape, are vital for various projects. Similarly, “I” beams or UBs are frequently used in construction.

Learn more about our Universal Beams and Universal Columns.

Welded Beams and Welded Columns

Welded Beams and Welded Columns play a pivotal role in heavy engineering projects, providing crucial support for substantial loads in various infrastructure applications. From bridges and multi-level car parks to mining operations and sports stadiums, these robust structural components find widespread use. United Steel maintains an inventory of welded beams and welded columns in grade 300, with additional options like 300L15, 400, and 400L15 available upon request. We source these products from ACRS certified manufacturers, ensuring adherence to applicable Australian standards. Our services also encompass value-added processing, including beamline solutions and mid-span beam cambering on applicable products.

The significant size of welded beams and columns, in comparison to other structural elements, offers engineers the flexibility to design projects with significantly larger spans, thereby reducing the need for additional support features like piers in road construction. This not only contributes to lighter, more efficient structures but also enables the incorporation of extra floors in buildings, maximising commercial space. In stadium construction, these components find applications in cantilever sections for multi-level seating, awnings, and roofing. Moreover, they prove invaluable in mining infrastructure, serving roles in conveyors, mineral processing, heavy equipment, and materials handling.

United Steel can also source a range of quench and tempered steel plate products often used in mining applications. For tailored solutions matching your project requirements, please consult our expert team.

View the Welded Beams and Columns Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Tapered Flange Beams

Tapered Flange Beams share the familiar “I” shape of other structural beams, but their distinctive feature lies in the tapered flanges that connect the web section. This unique design imparts enhanced strength and resistance to bending forces. Tapered flange beams frequently serve as cross-sectional components for girders in construction projects and are also employed in the construction of truck trailer bodies.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Steel Channels – Parallel Flange Channels

PFCs, or Parallel Flange Channels, offer exceptional versatility in structural steel applications. Also referred to as C channels or U channels, PFCs find widespread use in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as engineering and mining applications. These channels can serve both as horizontal supports and vertical braces, making them indispensable for a variety of construction needs. They are often installed over windows and doorframes to reinforce the surrounding walls or brickwork in buildings. PFCs come in various size combinations and finishes, including black, DuraGal®, and hot-dipped galvanised options.

Parallel flange channels, a crucial steel channel product, play a significant role in diverse fabrication applications such as floor joists and trailer bodies. When combined with other structural steel elements like RHS, beams, and columns, steel channels serve as a versatile hot-rolled steel product suitable for various building applications, including framing and flooring, as well as applications like trailer manufacturing. The inherent shape of steel channels provides substantial structural strength, making them a preferred choice for framing and bracing needs.

Combined with other structural steel products such as RHS, beams, and columns, steel channels are a general-purpose hot-rolled steel product with numerous applications in buildings, including frames and floors, as well as other applications like trailer manufacturing. The shape of steel channels provides structural strength and is often used in framing and bracing applications.

At United Steel, we supply top-quality steel channel products sourced from InfraBuild. These products are hot-rolled in compliance with Australian Standards AS3679.1, using grade 300 plus steel. They come in a mill finish and offer a wide size range to cater to a multitude of applications.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Structural Steel Equal Angles and Unequal Angles

Structural steel equal angles and unequal angles are versatile components with extensive applications in construction projects, making them among the most widely used structural steel products. They serve as critical supports in building frames and are also invaluable in a variety of industrial engineering applications, where they reinforce structures, support shelving, framing, and brackets. As their names imply, structural steel equal angles have equal side lengths, while unequal angles feature differing side lengths.

These angles come in various finishes to accommodate a wide range of end-use requirements. DuraGal® is one such finish, providing effective corrosion protection. For personalised guidance on your specific applications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated United Steel team.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

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