Steel Processing Capabilities

Steel Processing Capabilities

At United Steel, we are able to provide processing services for a diverse range of steel products. Whether it’s structural steel, merchant bars, angles, tubular products, or steel plate, United Steel’s processing capabilities cover it all. This versatility allows us to serve a diverse range of industries such as construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, and more.

Cutting-Edge Processing Equipment

United Steel uses a range of cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The equipment lineup includes:

Oxy Profile Cutters

Oxy profile cutters provide precision cutting with exceptional edge quality. This technology enables United Steel to craft intricate profiles and shapes with utmost accuracy.


Bandsaws are a fundamental tool for cutting steel sections and plates. Our bandsaws are equipped to handle a wide range of sizes and profiles, enabling efficient and precise cutting operations.

Beamlines with High-Speed Drilling & Saw Capacity

Beamlines equipped with high-speed drilling and sawing capabilities allow United Steel to process structural steel components with unparalleled speed and accuracy, meeting the needs of even the most complex projects.

Coping Robots with Plasma Notching & Slotting Capabilities

The incorporation of coping robots with plasma notching and slotting capabilities takes United Steel’s processing to the next level. This robotic precision ensures that even intricate cuts and notches are executed flawlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Cambering Machine

Cambering, a process that involves bending steel beams to a specific curvature, is a critical step in many construction and architectural applications. Our cambering machine ensures that processed steel components are tailored to precise specifications, eliminating the need for additional adjustments on-site.

Steel Sheet Processing

United Steel’s services extends to steel sheet processing, to provide a range of steel sheet products in sizes suitable for use in many manufacturing processes, such as turret punching, brake press and laser.

ES Cut Grooving

Provided for pipe products that will have applicable fittings and valves attached, cut grooving ensures a groove is made to the end of the pipe for ease of connections for HVAC, fire and other piping systems.

Distribution and Delivery Services

In addition to steel processing services, United Steel also stocks and distributes a range of steel products, as well as offering delivery services

United Steel has an extensive distribution network, with sites in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Kalgoorlie, Tasmania, and Melbourne. Our distribution capability, combined with unmatched responsiveness including next-day metro delivery service, all while maintaining stringent quality and safety standards tailored to your project needs, is what sets United Steel apart.