Universal Steel Beams & Columns Supplier

Universal Steel Beams & Columns Supplier

United Steel has an extensive network of sites designed to house robust stockholdings of large structural steel products such as universal beams and universal columns used to provide structural support in construction applications. With our in-house processing machines, United Steel can provide value-add processing for all your UBs and UCs, including cut-to-length, drilling, mitre cutting, stitch cutting, slotting, coping, penetrations, and stamping. Universal beams and universal columns are typically used in engineering and construction, building, and infrastructure projects.

universal steel beams and columns

Sometimes referred to as H beams, due to their shape, UCs / universal columns are heavy structural steel products that are typically used in construction projects. Similarly, “I” beams or UBs / universal beams are often used in building projects to support flooring and roofing. Both products have a middle section called the web, and the horizontal sections are the flanges. In the case of universal column products, the web and flange lengths are similar, giving the product its “H” shape, while in the case of universal beam products, the web is much longer than the flange, resulting in an “I” shape.

Universal beams and columns processing capabilities


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Residential & Non-residential building
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport and Manufacturing

The United Steel team utilises the latest processing capabilities to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste for your projects.

To reduce your burden of project compliance, United Steel structural steel products are supplied to meet quality and safety standards required.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

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